Sunday, April 26, 2009

Me with new resolution

me back again,
my blog seem like bersawang, long time never update it..
busy with my work, with my life ...

will left it all the nonsense and all the crap behind .. and will be create a new me.
close the book apple!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Apple Sick Again

So a few days ago I had a fever and a headache and i had first assumed it was just dehydration so i drank plenty of water and took some advils. However, the symptoms didn't subside. Three days later, I wake up with no voice, ha ha ha so tired then me just lying down at the sofa till me fall on sleep

Friday, February 27, 2009

Orange ~ you take a gud care

Orange : yep.. u mess my life when u come close to me with out any intention of loving me...
Orange : just hoping me to be ur "peneman setia"..
Orange : im so fool to take it seriously...
Orange : now i yg berangan sengsorang..
Orange : ive been asking these to me many times..
Orange : and often when we talked over YM, im positive that u dont need me anymore..
Orange : but when i looked at your blog.. it gives me diff story
Orange : im just confused
MrApple: i dun know what i need to write
MrApple: iyaa
MrApple: all my fault
Orange : its ok ..dont write..
MrApple: by i think this coz i think abt u
MrApple: i dun want the same things happen ..
MrApple: let u get ur smile back
MrApple: and fly like before ..
Orange : can i hv a good and clear answer from you on whats happening...
MrApple: what happening ?
Orange : can we have a definite answer to all this commotion
Orange : like me n you...
MrApple: tot u already clear taht when u said that between us is nothing anymore ?
Orange : are working on someting? or we just playing with our lonely time
Orange : yep..i said tht clearly.. but i still love you..
Orange : wanting you
MrApple: that i take it, for ur own future feeling
MrApple: maybe be friends between us is better
MrApple: coz as u know that ..
MrApple: m not gud enuff for u
Orange : so we should be friend?
MrApple: m not clever enuff for u
Orange : so we should be friend?
MrApple: u dun want to be friends ?
Orange : between friend n lover.. i want u to be my lover
Orange : so now im asking you..
Orange : friend or love
MrApple: i would like to take both .. but i need to choose ..
MrApple: for ur own good .. we be friends....
MrApple: maybe ....
Orange : no point me praying something tht wont come
Orange : so..ur answer is friend?
MrApple: one dy if our luv is strong ..
MrApple: who knows ?
Orange : dont talk about one day..
Orange : who knows the day will never come..
MrApple: i will be away from u .. so long
MrApple: i can take it as a relationship ..
Orange : who knows today will be my last day breathing in this world
MrApple: my future and career is unexpected
Orange : ok.. so your answer is freind rite?
Orange : u prefer us to be just a friend?
MrApple: sayang
MrApple: sayang
MrApple: sayang
MrApple: dun say like that ...
Orange : nope..
Orange : i need an answer
MrApple: dun do something
Orange : i just dont know whats ur stand
Orange : i dont want to hope for something tht wil never come..
Orange : so..let me recap...
Orange : u prefer us to be just a friend?
Orange : rite?
MrApple: ??
MrApple: when taht time u say it to me ....
MrApple: every things is over ...
MrApple: over ..
Orange : ok.. so i was the one who ask for it first..
MrApple: i dont want to put u away ..
Orange : its ok .. i take the responsibility
Orange : so.. now clear..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
MrApple: let me keep u in my heart as someone that give me a gud memory
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : we are just friend..
Orange : its ok...
Orange : i will honour u as my fren
Orange : need to go...
Orange : i need a walk..
MrApple: where ? Blueapple : ned to go where ?
Orange : dont know.. but i need to get out from this mess
Orange : from this house..
Orange : i just need a walk
MrApple: emm..
Orange : everything is crashed now..
MrApple: is not today is crashed
MrApple: maybe all the fault is mine
Orange : but today am asking you to accept my love again
MrApple: yaa is mine
Orange : but the answer is NO
Orange : so.i have to swallowed it
Orange : clearly there is no more feeling between us
Orange : i wish we could just go back to where we first started this feeling
Orange : but history will never repeat itself..
Orange : i cant turn back the clock..
Orange : everything is gone..
Orange : its ok..
Orange : thanks for being there before..
Orange : i will love you in my dream..
Orange : and asleep forever....

Fairy tale, Apple Love Story~

Its hard to talk about perasaan ni. Too complex and yes,very subjective. Some people can easily say "I love you". Sincere enough? Phrase tu dah jadi macam ayat wajib bila once we were in a relationship. But how far the true feeling is? Hanya kita yang boleh jawap. I am not those category of people who can simply say "I love you" unless I am really sure on how I actually feels, then only I can sincerely say it.

Its a special phrase for our special someone. We can't just say it towards a person yang we barely even know for a few hours. So, when I say "I love you", then I really mean it. It would be the right phrase for me to define towards a person on how I actually feel deep inside. And it explained why I care so much about that person.
When I say "I love you", it means I already have a commitment and a responsibility towards the other person whom I mention it to. It means I am attached and taken.

It also means that I am in love and willing to share almost everything with that particular person. Because "I love you" its not just a sentence. Its a magic word that involve hati and perasaan. Call me 'jiwang' or typical. But it is the fact that everybody will face either they want to admit it or not.

What's now?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I hate Monday!!

hate monday !!! Today, I wasn't really performed at work. Badan me macam lemah with a headache yang menggangu and buat me rasa nak kerja half day. So I told my Boss that I am not in a good shape so I need to take MC.Keluar saja dari building tu I got fascinated by the weather. Tak panas sangat and tak mendung. I

t’s a good weather if you to go for a walk and I said that to myself. Well, what the hell. me pun decided to drive from my work place to Bukit Bintang. Its quite far.
Anyway, while I was walking from a building to another heading to Bukit Bintang, there were so many things I saw.

In front of Hard Rock, there were few Pinoy tourist looking amused at KLCC. They stopped me and asked me "are you pinoy? .. me malay carebian laa
ha ha ha ... huhuhu.. me heading to clinic, .. want to go back and sleep ....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yaa... i love you .....

To those i love and see each day, and other loved ones so far all my good frends who mean so much to me and those with whom i've out of touch..i want you to know how much i care, may GOd touch you and dwell within. Spread some love whereever you go and a smile on you face that's all aglow. luv u all